Promotional Video Production Dublin

Promotional Video Production | John West | 2015

Promotional Video Production | Bolands Cars | 2012

Promotional video production is about showcasing a product or service to a wide audience. 

The promotional video can be location based, developed onsite or in a studio environment. 

The aim of a promotional video is to focus on the product or service offering and produce a video that is displaying the product or service in the best possible light.


When producing a promotional video the set up, copywriting and editing are key to success. 

The video is usually shot over a one day period. Scripting, lighting and voice overs play a large part in its success.

As with a large number of promotional videos the video editing is what brings the production to life.


Retina Video Production produced a fantastic promotional video for our range of sea foods. They are a pleasure to work with and tend to get it right each and every time.
— Marketing Manager John West Foods